Sound of Eden HAVA

by Arkadijs Zenins/ October 16, 2023

The explosive growth of streaming video services like Netflix, Amazon, Start, and others has rekindled the interest of home cinema enthusiasts in high-quality home theater systems. Today, let’s immerse ourselves in the world of cinematic sound…

Sound of Eden is a 100% Latvian company based in the town of Grobiņa in the Liepāja region, and it undeniably makes a significant contribution to the world of audio technology. At the heart of this company lies the Sound of Eden demo studio, where acoustic systems are developed, tested, and demonstrated.

The philosophy of Sound of Eden is to create speakers that not only reproduce sound but also allow people to enjoy music and feel the emotions it carries. After all, each recording contains a piece of the musician’s soul. In Sound of Eden, I distinctly and clearly heard the individuality of each album in all its vividness and magnificent volume, regardless of the acoustic systems in use. It’s the right sound, without any audio seasoning. Neutral, honest, and stirring. Sound of Eden – acoustic systems that make time stand still when you listen, and you feel like you’re in the Garden of Eden.

These speakers are created without compromise between visual and acoustic quality, ensuring high sound detail and an incredible conveyance of emotions. To achieve this, the company uses high-class components and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies.

According to Sound of Eden, the art of sound lies in the details and emotions. This is why they pay special attention to every detail, infusing their love for music into Sound of Eden products.

Latvia has always been associated with music, and we are proud to share a small part of Latvian sound with the world.

One of the key design aspects of the Sound of Eden speaker system is the anti-resonance MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) closed-type enclosure. This enclosure is designed to be installed horizontally, vertically, on the wall, or on a shelf, making the HAVA speaker system versatile for various mounting options. It can also be installed inside a wall, which is an additional option.

The two side panels of each speaker are equipped with M6 mounting brackets for attaching them to a tripod or ceiling. On the rear wall, you will find mounting hooks, Jantzen Audio speaker terminals, and channels for wiring in any direction.

Sound of Eden acoustic systems are available in two standard colors: graphite black and matte white, but you can also order them in any other color.

Regarding the drivers and technical specifications, Sound of Eden has equipped their speaker systems with 165mm coaxial drivers made of Egyptian paper, with a 19mm tweeter positioned at the center. The internal wiring is done using Supra cables, and Mundorf components are used for the crossover.

The acoustic systems are phase-optimized to provide maximum sound field quality, with a phase irregularity of just 2%, which is an impressive result considering that allowable phase irregularity, even in Hi-End speakers, can reach 15%. The sound field has a 60-degree directivity, allowing for quality sound at any point on the couch or allowing for flexible installation. Even if the installation locations are not ideal, the sound quality remains excellent.

HAVA is designed to THX standards. HAVA has a sensitivity of 89dB, and its impedance is 4 ohms, so it requires an amplifier with sufficient power, ranging from 50 to 200 watts per channel for optimal performance. The maximum sound pressure reaches 110 dB, more than enough to immerse you in the cinematic atmosphere. By the way, the pain threshold of the human ear is 120 decibels, so you won’t experience discomfort with HAVA. It’ll be pleasant. 🙂 That is, of course, if you don’t drop the speaker on your foot, as each one weighs nearly 6 kilograms. For more detailed technical specifications, you can find the information here:

When it comes to creating a home cinema, Sound of Eden emphasizes the importance of using identical speakers.

For the correct creation of a three-dimensional sound effect, all speakers must be identical. Assembling a home theater with different speakers is not appropriate, as they will not be properly matched. In the case of HAVA, you get 20 matched stereo pairs with a magnificent 3D effect. By the way, even IMAX uses identical speakers.

HAVA speakers are designed in such a way that there’s no need for frequency correction during installation. When setting up, you’ll need to adjust the volume and delay of each driver on-site, and it’s best done manually.

However, to truly feel the sound with your whole body, you’ll need to complement the system with a properly configured subwoofer. Sound of Eden provides sound for your ears, and the subwoofer delivers sound for your entire body. Set the subwoofer’s crossover frequency to 80 Hz for precise integration with HAVA. For those who want to learn how to properly set up a subwoofer, you can watch videos on the PremiumHIFI channel.

I haven’t played games in a long time; the last time was with Wolfenstein and Dead Space. Sound of Eden enjoys gaming, and I listened to the sound of modern games in detail and naturally. The sound field around you is endless, with precise event localization. Explosions are earth-shaking, thunderous, and perfectly distinct. You can hear everything, from soft sounds to bomb explosions. The feeling of being in the room disappears as soon as you turn on HAVA.

Watching movies started and ended with Avatar. A perfectly flat frequency spectrum instantly transports you to Pandora. The walls of the room dissolve, and you see a magnificent picture. The generated sound pressure is even and powerful, extending from the deepest bass without any transition to a flat vocal range, ending with beautiful highs. As a result, the voices of the characters sound absolutely lifelike. Explosive action effects and an expansive sense of space fill the room. No frequency hurts the ears; everything is perfectly balanced.

Feelings from watching: better than in a movie theater, and no one is munching on smelly popcorn nearby.

In 5.1 mode, it’s also great to listen to concert recordings. Atmospheric, smooth, precise, elegant, and neutral. I like the honesty and depth in HAVA.

For quality stereo sound, I had to remove HAVA from the wall and connect it to a stereo amplifier – the receiver couldn’t handle it. In stereo mode, the sound is expansive and of high HI-FI quality.

But the most vivid impression HAVA left on me was during movie watching.

In conclusion, it’s worth noting that Sound of Eden provides you not only with sound for your ears but also with true soulful sound. Their speaker systems are created with a love for music and a desire to give you an unforgettable auditory experience. Regardless of how you spend your time – enjoying music, watching movies, or playing games – Sound of Eden will provide you with top-quality sound.

Sound of Eden speakers are available for order in Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, the UK, and Estonia through their distributors. Link here:

May the power of sound be with you!