Toms Grevins
Creative Director / DJ

The main motif of the “Sound of Eden” composition of sounds is to teleport the listener to the moment when the music recording came into being – not just the time, but also the space. If the sound engineer has been working at his finest, it will allow the portal to be used, to fall into the “white rabbit’s” hole, call it what you will… These sounds will not be suitable at all for “something to just be playing in the background” or “to not disturb conversation”. No, quite the contrary – both “Tempo” as well as “Crescendo” make music the main subject or theme of any room.
A particular reverence for classical music and classic rock can be discerned in the composition author’s style. This is why the dynamics of the electronic music surprised me in particular, and above everything else – “Crescendo” in the works of the intellectual electronic musicians, opens up completely new dimensions, which the authors have hidden away for only the chosen ones. Impressive.