Normunds Rutulis

Although I work in music production and consider myself a melomaniac, when listening to music daily, I do not pay enough attention to the sound system, which is playing the music for me. Much like with wine, which I judge by two criteria – good flavors or not, or even plain “like” or “dislike”. Well, almost. Because the full spectrum of sound is important to me, as it lets me enjoy music in the widest possible range, with all nuances audible. I had never listened to music on a hi-end system, and a few months ago I finally had the chance. The speakers look amazing – fine-designed and clearly thought through down to the finest detail. Besides, they were created and made right here in Latvia. Wow! That is the first thing I uttered when I heard the first sounds from these speakers. Whether it’s rock, pop, jazz or classical music, I enjoy every bar and every note! Time just passed by and I realized that enjoying music through these speakers can actually become addictive. But at least it’s a harmless addiction. If music is a big part of your life, then just like sleeping on a good mattress, you’ll want to enjoy your music on a high-quality sound system. I’m getting there too – one day I will own an audio system with Sound of Eden speakers, whose potential can be fully unleashed with proper room enhancement, which is exactly what the AUDIOMOTIV guys do