Only the creation, manufacture and sale of a high-quality, thoughtful product can bring joy to everyone involved – from the creator of the idea to the user of the final product. The company “DIY-SOUND” is a family business, where everyone who is involved wants to give you these emotions, and you, receiving them in the form of a quality product, will give them back to us.

We pay attention to every little detail related to our products – starting from the creation and ending with the delivery of the product to our customers. The development of “DIY-SOUND” products is carried out by our main cooperation partner “Sound Of Eden”, which has more than 10 years of experience in the production of HI-FI and HI-END speakers of various sizes and technical solutions, both in series and according to individual orders. In our products, we use components that have been tested for years, which are developed and certified in Europe. Constructors are designed to make the whole process easy to understand, interesting and creative. Every thoughtful nuance in our products guarantees this. In the instruction you will get all the information about assembling the product, and you can also follow the video instructions on our website for each product or on the “DIY-SOUND” channel, streaming website on YouTube.

The sound that characterizes us is neutral, natural and dynamic. The full frequency spectrum of “DIY-SOUND” loudspeakers will convince you that the instruments are in the same room as you. The accurate fusion of the acoustic phase between the speakers throughout their summation range will ensure good sound throughout the room and create the impression of a huge stage.

For inspiration, we would like to share one of the possibilities of how to use the “DIY-SOUND” product so that it gives maximum return and satisfaction.

Your weekend with children.

A weekend with children at the “DIY-SOUND” constructor will create unforgettable memories of the time spent together, promote a special bond between you, and also give the children the opportunity to learn something new. The process of assembling the constructor is made interesting and varied by changing different activities and gaining new knowledge. It will develop various skills, abilities and will not make the children and you get bored or postpone the activity for a moment.

The assembly process begins with opening a pleasant package containing everything you need.* Then comes the unpacking of the parts and familiarization with the constructor’s assembly instructions. And the construction can begin! Once the speaker cabinet and band-splitting filter are in place, it’s time for everyone involved to get creative and make your speakers special – giving them the visual look you all want. Once you have the desired look, connect and screw the speakers and other parts, stick on the product logo, and the enjoyment process can begin! The feeling of satisfaction and other pleasant emotions will overwhelm everyone involved in the construction.

It is possible to have a musical evening on weekends with the family at board games, Lego or at some other type of constructor will become one of the most pleasant ways of spending time.

*depending on the package you ordered.