Assembled DIY-SOUND kit LIGHT


Create unforgettable memories and new experiences during the weekend or on weekday evenings by assembling the speaker kit LIGHT together with children, friends or alone to relax from your stressful everyday life!

This kit is like a light so that everyone, who builds it, can gain new knowledge, create bright emotions and memories about the process of building loudspeakers and ignite a flame of love for the process of listening to music.

The assembly process is very easy, therefore LIGHT is suitable for those, who will build with children or do it the first time. Can be used in the company’s corporate events as an innovative way to consolidate employees.


Assembling of DIY kit is interesting and diverse, with the acquisition of new knowledge. If you build it together with children, they will have the opportunity to develop various skills. The result will be nice memories of the time spent together.

Cabinets of DIY-SOUND kits
DIY-SOUND speaker kit LIGHT

Stands are available for LIGHT, which, like the kit, can be assembled by yourself. Stands can be ordered separately from the kit’s basic set.

Stand for DIY-SOUND kit LIGHT

All DIY-SOUND kits are assembled before being sent to customers to check their quality against company standards.
The greatest satisfaction with the final result and the quality of the DIY-SOUND product will be when you are precise and accurate during assembly, have planned enough time for it and also follow our construction instructions.

Technical parameters:

System: two-way speaker system
Type: Ported
Loudspeaker drive units: 1 x 6.5″ midbass speaker, 1 x 1.0″ tweeter
Components: Mundorf
Cross-over: 2000Hz
Frequency response: 40 Hz-20000Hz
Sensitivity: 89 dB
Nominal impendance: 4 Ohm
Maximum Output: 110 dB
Power handling: 100W
External dimensions (HxWxD): 424 mm high x 204 mm wide x 303 mm deep
Weight: 35 kg per pair